Spring 2018

AMST 422: Preserving Places, Making Spaces in Baltimore

AMST 682: Community Research Seminar

Links to student blogs…

Lia Adams – M.A. Applied Sociology

DeAndre Bright – B.A. American Studies, education

Sydney McCain – B.A. American Studies, education

Elizabeth Piet – B.A. American Studies, education

Anthony Portuesi – B.S. Biological Sciences

Jonathan Portuesi – B.S. Biological Sciences & Entrepreneurship minor

Liz Ridinger – B.A. American Studies

Zachary Utz – M.A. Historical Studies

Jameka Wiggins – Pre-Chemical Engineering & Entrepreneurship minor

Terece Young – B.A. American Studies



Fall 2017 Student Blogs: (AMST 480/680 Community in American Research Seminar)

Learning from Lexington: Public Markets and the Development of Downtown Baltimore

Liz Cusick – Language, Literary, and Culture (LLC) doctoral student

Liz Ridinger – American Studies major

Miranda Supeno – American Studies major

Kaila Philo – English major

Baltimore Traces Fellows: Thanks to a BreakingGround grant, previous Baltimore Traces students will return to help teach skills of research, interviewing, and audio editing/producing from the perspective of students who have completed similar projects. The 2017 fellows include:

Christina Kwegan (American Studies ‘16) and Calvin Perry (American Studies ‘17)

Research Assistants: Markele Cullins (Visual Arts) and Adam Droneburg (American Studies)


Spring 2014 Student Blogs: (AMST 422 Preserving Place, Making Spaces in Baltimore) 

Rita Anand – Business/Tech Admin major, Entrepreneurship & Innovation minor

Bonnie Bowen – American Studies major, Education certificate

Chris Byars – American Studies major

Kurtis Chapman – Media & Communication Studies major, Entrepreneurship & Innovation minor

Brendan Chittick – American Studies major, History minor

Connor Finch – American Studies & Media & Communication Studies major

Rachel Gibson (Preserving Places intern) – American Studies major, Entrepreneurship & Innovation minor

Katelyn Glossner – American Studies major

Katie Hern – American Studies B.A. ’13, graduate student

JJ Herzog – American Studies major

Mercedes Lopez – English B.A., graduate student in Texts, Technologies, and Literature in the English Department

Calvin Perry – Emergency Health Services major

D’Arcy Placilla – American Studies major

Dustin Roddy – American Studies & Media & Communication Studies major

Cody Selbert – Financial Economic major

Dorothy Stachowiak – English B.A., graduate student in Texts, Technologies, and Literature in the English Department

Dennis Williams – American Studies major

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