Learning from Lexington Zine Launch + Open Mic

On Saturday, December 7, 2017 Baltimore had its first snow of the winter season… and the Learning from Lexington students hosted their Zine Launch + Open Mic. We had 50 zines along with entertainment and food, including a delicious cake. We got all of our food and drinks from the Lexington Market to support the vendors. Our drinks, plates, napkins, etc. came from Herling’s Grocery Basket and were very affordable. The pizza came from Italian Stallion and the cake from Berger’s Bakery.

The open mic was hosted by by poet and MC Meccamorphisis. We gave out all of our 50 free public history zines to those attending the celebration in the Lexington Room at the Market. Below are some photos from the event. Photography by Kimberly Zerfas.

Thanks to Jessica Berman and Courtney Hobson of UMBC’s Dresher Center for the Humanities for hiring the photographer and to BreakingGround for funding the inaugural Baltimore Traces Fellows program where UMBC alumni returned to share their skills of audio recording, research, and interviewing with the current students.

For the spring 2018 semester, my AMST 422/682 Preserving Places and Making Space in Baltimore students are working on researching the historic Hollins Market neighborhood where UMBC’s downtown classroom at the Lion Brothers Building is located… more to come!

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