Preserving Places, Baltimore Traces Reunion… with pizza and ghost signs

During week 4, I invited back students from previous public humanities courses to meet with the current fall 2017 cohort.

Current students and fellows presented their plans for a public history zine, podcast, and event to the “old heads” for feedback and advice.

Afterwards we all walked a couple of block to Zella’s Pizzeria to break bread. Thanks to our visiting UMBC alumni:

Michael Stone (AMST 680, spring 2016) Public History M.A. ’16

Andy Holter (AMST 680, spring 2016) Public History M.A. ’17

Courtney Hobson (Dresher Center & Public History M.A.)

James Berbert (AMST 356 & 422) American Studies B.A. ’17

Katie Hern (AMST 422 spring 2014 + “Preserving Places) American Studies B.A. ’14 +

Master in Social Work UMB ’17

…and Dr. Kate (Drabinski) my co-editor, previous co-teacher, and current shuttle buddy (she did not stay for pizza!?!)

On the way back to the car, students posed with a ghost sign overlaid with photography located by the Hollins Market.

There are dozens of ghost signs that populate the area around Lexington Market and the Howard Street corridor of the westside of downtown Baltimore… they are symbolic of how the past lingers and how you can see the evocative traces of human history written on the landscape if you really look closely.

Until next week… here’s the white board:

Whiteboard put together by Kate Drabinski, Natalia Panfile, and Nicole King in June 2017.

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