Fun with Sanborn Maps

Bb sanbornGo to the Pratt Library main page.

Search (upper right hand corner) sanborn maps.

Click on Sanborn Maps (Digital) – Maryland – Enoch Pratt Free Library

Enter your public library card number to login.

CLICK HERE to enter.

Under Select a State: Maryland.

Select a City: Baltimore [Baltimore Co.]

Select a date: 1928-1936

Select a volume: Vol. 5A 1936

Click on Key, Sheet Oa (click on download map at top = big map for context, you will have to zone and find your spot on the map) Sanborn 1936 general

Spots of interest:

516 Masonville

520 Filbert Street Garden

535 Fairfield

541/542 Wagner’s Point

545 Sledd’s Point

546 Hawkins Point (community)

Look around in 1914-1953 as well under 5A


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