We have a place, we have a date: Please save the date

Save the Date:


Green Gala: Fundraiser for the Filbert Street Garden in Curtis Bay

The evening of Sunday March 18 at 2640

2640 St. Paul Street – Baltimore, MD


History (programming/products): Katie, Brendan, Calvin, JJ, Dustin (videographer)

Event Planning: Rita, Bonnie, Mercedes, Conor, Cody, Katelyn

Outreach/Promotions: Kurtis, Dorothy, Dennis, Chris, D’Arcy


Image: Katie Hern

Image: Katie Hern

Sunday’s Visit to 2640

Students: Katie, Rachel, Cody, Kurtis

Conor, Dorothy, MAYBE: Rita, Brendan, Calvin

Please let people know if you sign up for something and cannot make it.

Craft Fair at UMBC – Wednesday, March 5 from 11am-2pm

Crowd Funding – Indie Gogo


T-shirts: 200 (black or dark green w white ink)

The suggested donation is $10-15

You can pre-order at the Craft Fair

We are still waiting on the final design from the ART students.

TODAY: Tuesday, March 4

–       Brief discussion of 2640 space.

–       Brief discussion of Craft Fair.

–       Any other updates.

–       STUDENT PANEL… past AMST 422 students return to give advice and answer questions.

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